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Introducing the Worlds first platform bridge between console gaming and home computing, the Red Riding Hood Computer Entertainment System. Featuring the latest generation of technology with two graphics processing units, the RRHCES gives you the ability to control more of your day to day life. From watching movies to playing over 8,000 already available games in full 1080p HD. Our complete system provides a great user experience and defines this generation of gaming.

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Red Riding Hood Computer Entertainment System


About Red Riding Hood

Play the latest games in full 3D from the comfort of your own couch. With Bluetooth, and Wi Fi, enjoy playing online with your friends at your convince. With our AMD APU enjoy games as you have never played them before with stunning quality. Use Windows 7 and do anything a home computer can. The possibilities are endless.


Two GPUs Are Better Than One

With an AMD Llano core and compatible APU motherboard, experience gaming like never before. Red Riding Hood Computer Entertainment System basically functions as a crossfire enabled computer. What this means is that with the addition of another graphics card, you have nearly twice the gaming power, and the power for those hard to play games such as BattleField 3 with full settings in 1080P.


The Future of Entertainment

Do not be confined by what hardware limitations your gaming device has. Use Red Riding Hood as a DVR to save your latest TV shows. Play games in higher quality than any console, do computing at more all cheaper than buying a console and a computer at once.


Keep Your Games Forever

Any game purchase made through Red Riding Hood is yours FOREVER. Keep it on your spacious 1 TB Hard Disk along with your movies, MP3s and more. No more second hand non-fully functional games means that you play the games as they were meant to be played. The system is also backwards compatible with any PC game made in the last 20 years.

The Future Of Gaming Entertainment